Hundreds Gather At 'Stop Asian Hate' Candlelight Vigil In Alhambra

Hundreds of people gathered at a candlelight vigil called 'Stop Asian Hate' as crimes against Asian-Americans have been skyrocketing.

Video Transcript

JEFF NGUYEN: From the air, you can see the scope of support for the Asian American Pacific Islander community--

- Eight minutes of silence.

JEFF NGUYEN: --during a vigil in Alhambra to honor the eight lives killed in the Atlanta rampage. Six of the victims were women of Asian descent. Lance Davis says it was hard growing up in Orange County in the '70s and '80s in a biracial home with a Japanese Hawaiian mom.

LANCE DAVIS: Here we are 40, 50 years later. We're still facing the same problem.

JEFF NGUYEN: The San Gabriel Valley has a large Asian American population and allies, like Norma Federico, whose grandchildren are of Mexican and Vietnamese descent.

NORMA FEDERICO: This needs to stop.

- We are leaders. We are mothers. We are sisters.

- I am angry!

JEFF NGUYEN: Earlier in the day, local and state leaders stood in solidarity in Fullerton. Many criticized authorities, including the FBI director, for not classifying the Atlanta case as a hate crime after the suspect confessed to the shootings because he claimed he had a sex addiction.

THAI VIET PHAN: He was using his fetishized, objectified, and sexualized version of what Asian women are to get rid of his temptation.

JEFF NGUYEN: The Orange County DA says his office has been aggressive about adding that enhancement.

TODD SPITZER: And if I believe I can prove the elements of hate in the motivation against a protected class, beyond a reasonable doubt, I'm going for it.

JEFF NGUYEN: While Lance Davis says first-generation Americans are often pressured to assimilate, when their character should be enough.

LANCE DAVIS: You're just as American as those white people.

JEFF NGUYEN: Many in the AAPI community have asked to not be called the model minority because it plays into stereotypes of people who are willing to go along with anything. In addition, it also draws a wedge between Asian American and other communities of color.

In Alhambra, Jeff Nguyen, CBS2 News.

- An East L.A. family is demanding that--