Hundreds Hold Protest in Brooklyn's Bay Ridge Neighborhood Over Violence in Gaza

Hundreds of pro-Palestine demonstrators gathered in Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge neighborhood on May 15 to protest the violence in Gaza committed by the Israel Defense Forces through airstrikes that killed at least 145 people.

Similar protests were held in other cities in the United States, according to media reports, as well as in other cities around the world, including Paris, London and Sydney. The demonstrations were held on Nakba Day, a day used to commemorate the loss of the mass displacement of Palestinian people from Israel in 1948.

Palestinian health officials in Gaza said 145 people, including 41 children, had been killed and 1,100 people had been wounded in recent strikes by Israel Defense Forces (IDF). At least 10 people have been killed in Israel, according to media reports. Credit: Andy Ratto via Storyful

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