Hundreds of jobs available in Richmond & Rosenberg

The snack manufacturer along with Fort Bend County announced a $200 million investment at the company's site in Rosenberg off TX-36.

Video Transcript

- Well, we're happy to report that ABC13+ is back. And today we want to take you to Richmond Rosenburg for a look at some jobs that are opening up there. ABC13's Nick Notario joining us live with more. Nick.

NICK NOTARIO: This is the brand new Dollar Tree distribution center. Just take a look at this thing. It is absolutely massive. It's a million square foot facility and the company is going to move inside here very shortly. But as we discovered, it's not only new businesses that are hiring here in the Richmond Rosenburg communities.

For 70 years, Oakbend Medical Center has been a part of the Richmond community.

- You can't walk through the hallways here without somebody saying, "Hi," to you and making you feel like you're family.

NICK NOTARIO: The facility is looking to add new members of the family, right now. There are a number of jobs available.

- As you can imagine, we have lots of clinical jobs nursing, all levels of nursing.

NICK NOTARIO: While those require medical training, it doesn't mean you need it to get a job.

- We have housekeepers. We have food services. We have patient registration. All of those are things that you don't have to have a medical background for.

NICK NOTARIO: In Rosenburg, the areas largest new facility is looking for help, too. More than a year ago, Dollar Tree announced it was coming to this spot off the Southwest freeway. It's not a massive store, but a distribution center to get product into its stores in the region.

The company picked Rosenburg for its proximity to Houston and available workforce. If you're looking for a job, the company has a number of positions starting at $15.50 an hour. The facility isn't complete, but Dollar Tree is already hiring 300 employees.

With the unemployment rate around 14% due to the pandemic, now could be the perfect time to land a job.

- We hope that people who have had tough times because of this, will go on and look at the jobs that are offered here because if you think that maybe you wouldn't qualify to work at a hospital, think again.

NICK NOTARIO: Now Dollar Tree is going to move in this new facility on July 1st. If you're interested in working here or Oakbend Medical Center, just check out each of their website sites. In Rosenberg, Nick Notario, ABC13 Eyewitness. News. And we'll be--