Hundreds line up for COVID-19 vaccine on Houston's north side

People lined up outside North Forest High School Saturday morning well ahead of the doors opening.

Video Transcript

- Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee is hosting that COVID-19 vaccine-- the distribution event. You saw her just a few minutes ago.

- Yeah, had some live pictures there. Right now, you have a map showing you where this is, North Forest High School. It continues until 3:00 PM. ABC13's Mycah Hatfield is there live. Mycah, we just saw the Congresswoman, and we see a whole lot of people in line there behind you.

MYCAH HATFIELD: Hey, good morning. There are hundreds of people in line. And Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee is greeting them as she makes her way up to the front of North Forest High School to go inside where those vaccines will be given. And we've heard her asking people, have you tried to get a vaccine appointment before? And one woman just said, I've been on waitlist, after waitlist, after waitlist. And the Congresswoman said, we know, and that's why we're bringing these to your neighborhoods.

This is the second one she's done. The first one was in Acres Homes. This one is in Northeast Harris County. And you don't have to preregister to be able to be here and get your vaccine today, which is great for so many people who have been trying and trying to get on a waitlist and make an appointment, but have not had any luck.

We spoke to a woman earlier who said that she had COVID and she still wants to get the vaccine. She feels like this is going to be able to give her some freedom to be around her family. Take a listen.

- Take in deep breath, and scared every time my eyes would close, and I would start to snore. I wake back up because I felt like I couldn't breathe, and I was afraid that I was going to die without saying bye to all my family. I want my shot. I want to protect my grandchildren, because I love my grandchildren and they live with me.

And that's very scary to hear someone describe that. You see the Congresswoman is racing inside, because this vaccine site is supposed to be starting right now. These people here at the front of the line tell me that they got here at 5:30 this morning to make sure they were able to get their vaccine. This is happening at North Forest High School. The address is 10726 Mesa Drive.

And remember, you have to be in groups 1A, 1B, or 1C to be able to get the vaccine here. So that's people 50 years and older, and people with underlying chronic health conditions, as well as health care workers. The vaccine site's going to be kicking off here in just a few minutes. I know are a lot of excited people out here at North Forest High School.