Hundreds of Little Village residents receive COVID-19 vaccine

Enlace Chicago along with Esperanza Health Centers teamed up with several organizations to offer Little Village residents the COVID-19 vaccine. The two-day event started on Wednesday and ended Thursday.

Video Transcript

BRIAN RODRIGUEZ: It's definitely hard on a lot of families. I know it's personally touched my family. So it's nice to have this center here where we can get vaccinated.

YUKARE NAKAYAMA: Brian and his mother, Lucinda Rodriguez, were among many Little Village residents in line at Enlace Chicago, a nonprofit, to get their first COVID-19 vaccine. Rodriguez says his family has felt the pain of a COVID-19 death, losing a close family member to the virus-- his family, all essential workers, relieved to be getting vaccinated.

BRIAN RODRIGUEZ: Now that I've officially taken the first dose, I feel a little bit more at ease. And yeah, I think everyone in my family also feels a little bit more at ease.

YUKARE NAKAYAMA: Enlace Chicago, in partnership with Esperanza Health Centers, is offering COVID vaccines to Little Village residents 18 and older at Enlace and Esperanza Health Center locations.

KATYA NUQUES: We're expecting to vaccinate 7,500 people, or about 10% of the population of the neighborhood.

YUKARE NAKAYAMA: In this community that's been heavily hit by COVID deaths, Katya Nuques, executive director of Enlace, says it was vital to provide these vaccines to the uninsured and undocumented.

KATYA NUQUES: There are, unfortunately, many factors why people in Little Village would have, normally, a lower number of vaccines, especially because about 44% of the community members in Little Village do not have a health insurance.

YUKARE NAKAYAMA: Both vaccination locations have over 20 healthcare providers as well as over 20 volunteers registering residents in Little Village. Nuques says she encourages everyone of age in the community to register for a vaccine.

KATYA NUQUES: Anybody that lives in Little Village and has a proof of residence can get a vaccine here in this location.

YUKARE NAKAYAMA: In Little Village, Yukare Nakayama, ABC 7 Eyewitness News.