Hundreds March In Oakland Against Asian Hate

Actress Sandra Oh along with hundreds of others took the the streets of Oakland on Saturday afternoon to protest the rise in an anti-Asian sentiment across the United States.

Video Transcript

SANDRA OH: One way to kind of go through and get through our fear is to reach out to our community. For each and everyone here, I will offer-- I will challenge everyone here. If you see something, will you help me?

ALL: Yes!

BRYANT REED: In the wake of attacks and rising anti-Asian sentiment, hundreds of people gathered to rally and march against hate in Oakland today. Among the speakers today was actress and activist Sandra Oh, who encouraged everyone, regardless of race, to support their neighbors and speak out when they see something wrong.

Organizers say it was important to get out and show support here in Pittsburgh.

- In light of the recent mass shooting that happened in Atlanta that killed eight Asian American people, mostly Asian American women, we are gathering here today to talk about the recent surge in hate crimes against Asian Americans and what we can do to help the Asian American community in Pittsburgh.

BRYANT REED: Other speakers say they are worried in the wake of the mass shootings in Atlanta but refused to live in fear.