Hundreds of at-risk seniors vaccinated in Santa Ana

Hundreds of seniors received their first dose of the vaccine in Orange County over the weekend, taking their first step toward seeing their families again.

Video Transcript

- The surpassing passing a new milestone this week. More than 100 million doses of COVID vaccine have now been administered.

Hundreds of seniors getting their first dose in Orange County today. As Eyewitness News reporter Jade Hernandez tells us, this was the first step toward them finally seeing their families again.

- 9:00. 9:30. Right here, please.

JADE HERNANDEZ: Standing in line, these two women explained why they came here.

BETTY DEAN: A long year One we don't really want to relive.

LORRIE GRIFFIN: We're all, especially in the community we live in, we haven't been able to use the community hall for get-togethers or playing cards or anything. It's been rough.


JADE HERNANDEZ: Santa Anna's mayor came here to see how this process, a joint effort between the city and Memorial Care, worked. This particular vaccine site is set to vaccinate 350 underserved and at-risk seniors. The partnership will eventually vaccinate 1,500 people.

VICENTE SARMIENTO: This is the beginning of the end for us in Santa Ana. We've been very hard hit. Our community has been devastated. We've had over 700 deaths.

JADE HERNANDEZ: For many people in this line, this clinic is just around the corner. Accessibility, in this case, saves the lives of men like Nick Russo, who wants to see family.

NICK RUSSO: We plan to travel later in the months. Their concerned when you don't have no vaccination maybe they get affected. So this way, we are free.

JADE HERNANDEZ: Free. Free from worry and safe from COVID-19.