Hundreds Of Sacramento Students Come Back Into The Classroom

Lots of measures are in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Video Transcript

- Hundreds of Sac City Unified students are back in the classroom today. And CBS 13's Rachel Wulff is at John Cabrillo Elementary School with a look at how the district is handling the hybrid learning.

RACHEL WULFF: So class is already underway here at John Cabrillo Elementary School. Earlier they were dropping kids off. And as you can see, they have a whole sanitizing station, and they have folks checking kids in. They also were taking their temperatures as they arrived. Testing is available on campus, and there's all sorts of safety protocols in place.

This is a return to a hybrid in-person learning model here at this elementary school, and also all of Sac City schools. So EK3 and K6, that starts today. And what's going to happen is there will be cohort A attending Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and cohort B will attend Thursdays and Fridays. Now, they're only going to be in class for several hours a day and do the rest at home. But again, it's a start for a lot of folks who've been teaching, working from home, trying to balance work and a personal life. And it's been a struggle. And it's been hard for some of the youngest in the classes.

- It's been difficult with a kindergartner, getting him to navigate on the computer. That's really been difficult for me. I work at the same time, so I'm having to work and also listen to him as he's going through his class. It's been nice to have him home, but he's definitely ready to get back to school, and I'm ready for him to be back.

RACHEL WULFF: All of the classrooms are equipped with a three-in-one camera. That way teachers who are teaching can also simultaneously be teaching those who have opted to continue with the distance learning. We're told it's at about a 50-50 rate for this school. It goes up to 75% in terms of the students who are opting to return to an in-person type of situation.

So again, interesting to see what will happen as we head into summer, going into next year, and also the changes that have happened to go from 6 feet to 3 feet for these schools and how that pans out with negotiations between the union and the school district.