Hundreds of schools closed, but these two stayed open despite winter storm

SOLON, Ohio (WJW) – The first major snowstorm of the year led to the closure of more than 500 schools and although many closed ahead of any actual snowfall, two did not cancel classes.

Solon and Aurora schools did not close Friday, due in part to lower than expected snow totals and the ability of city crews to keep roads clear.

However, during dismissal, some parents in Solon questioned why school remained in session.

“This morning everything was fine,” said one parent. “It was very easy to get to school. I didn’t have any issues until now.”

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Another parent of three children in Solon said, “it’s going to be hectic trying to get out of this parking lot with all these cars and the snow coming. I knew the kids needed to be out of school today.”

In Aurora, Harry Stark, the director of public services for the city, said crews communicate with the superintendent early and often during anticipated winter storms.

“Typically two, three in the morning, we have communications,” said Stark. “We have a sense of what the road conditions are at that time and we inform him what we’re seeing.”

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A spokesperson for Solon schools said conditions are monitored in real-time and decisions are made based on safety.

In Aurora, additional crews worked overnight to ensure safe travel.

“A lot can change in an hour and it can change drastically so we were fortunate the snow did not hit us the way we thought it was,” said Stark.

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