Hunger strikers praise NY budget and break fast

A dozen hunger strikers took their first bites of food in New York on Wednesday to celebrate the $2.1 billion set aside in a state budget deal hammered out this week for undocumented immigrants hurt by the pandemic. (April 7)

Video Transcript

NADIA MARIN-MOLINA: The people who are on the hunger strike are excluded workers, which include domestic workers, restaurant workers, day laborers, street vendors. Today, this is a rally in celebration of a historic victory in New York State. Excluded workers have won a fund, which is of $2.1 billion, which is now going to support workers who have been excluded from coronavirus relief, excluded from unemployment insurance at a national level, at a state level.


CARMEN DE LA ROSA: We recognize that we stand on stolen land, and that each and every one of us has a unique immigration story. And it is in the promise of immigration that we say to people, we will take care of you.