Hungry Alaskan Harbor Seal Circles and Snacks on Bait Ball of Herring

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A seal’s herring hunt made for a “unique experience” in the harbor near Kristian Delaney Murphy’s shop in Ketchikan, Alaska, especially when seen from above in the clear water.

Murphy grabbed her phone when her fiance noticed the seal working the fish into a bait ball.

Her video shows the patterns the fish make as the seal circles the ball, and then dives into it to grab a fish.

Murphy and her partner run the Out to Sea Expedition Company, an eco-tours company. They’ve been selling outdoor gear too, with lower visitor numbers due to the pandemic.

“We are hoping to welcome more visitors in 2021 so we can keep our business alive and keep sharing magical experiences, like this harbor seal, with visitors from around the world,” she told Storyful. Credit: Out to Sea Expedition Company via Storyful