Hunter Biden Email Requested D.C. Office Keys for Father, Chinese Business Partner

Hunter Biden requested keys for “office mates” Joe Biden and an “emissary” for a Chinese firm run by a business associate of Hunter, according to an email reported by the Daily Caller.

Joe Biden has repeatedly denied speaking with Hunter regarding the latter’s overseas business dealings. Hunter was engaged in business partnerships with CEFC, a now-defunct Chinese energy company, founded by Ye Jianming. The Chinese government arrested Ye in 2018 over unspecified criminal allegations, and the former executive has not been heard from since.

In the newly-revealed email dated September 21, 2017, Hunter Biden asks the general manager of House of Sweden, a Washington, D.C., office building, to provide keys to members of the Biden family and a representative of CEFC.

“Please have keys made available for new office mates” Joe Biden, Jill Biden, and Jim Biden, as well as for “Gongwen Dong (Chairman Ye CEFC emissary),” Hunter wrote in the email. He further requested that an office sign list “The Biden Foundation” and “Hudson West (CEFC US)” as occupants, adding that “the lease will remain under my company’s name Rosemont Seneca.”

It is not clear if Joe Biden ever visited the office. The general manager of House of Sweden, Cecilia Browning, confirmed that Rosemont Seneca had rented office space in the building.

“We have tenants who rent office space, and it is correct that Rosemont Seneca LLC rented an office at House of Sweden between February 2017 — February 2018,” Browning told the Daily Caller. “However, please note that we do not share information about current and previous tenants.”

Hunter Biden announced on Monday that he is currently the subject of a federal tax investigation. Various media outlets have also reported on a possible money-laundering investigation against the incoming president’s son.

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