Hunter Biden's lawyers say he has already paid $750,000 in child support as he fights to reduce payments

Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden.Drew Angerer/Getty Images
  • Hunter Biden's attorneys said Monday that he had paid $750,000 in child support.

  • The president's son is fighting to reduce his payments to the mother of one of his kids.

  • Lunden Roberts, who has a 4-year-old with Biden, accused him of concealing his financial situation.

Hunter Biden's attorneys said in an Arkansas court on Monday that the first son, who's fighting to reduce his child-support payments, had paid $750,000 to the mother of one of his children.

Multiple news outlets, including the New York Post and CNN, reported a lawyer for President Joe Biden's son said Hunter had paid the six-figure sum in child support to Lunden Roberts, a former stripper with whom Hunter has a 4-year-old daughter.

Abbe Lowell, Hunter Biden's attorney, said in the Independence County courthouse in Batesville that Biden had been paying $20,000 a month to support the youngster, Navy Joan, since a DNA test in 2019 confirmed he's the girl's biological father, the Post reported.

Both Biden, 53, and Roberts, 32, were in the courtroom for the roughly two-hour hearing.

During it, the judge ordered Biden to respond to written questions about his financial dealings, including investments, sales of his artwork, and other monetary transactions, CNN reported.

The judge added that Biden would have to participate in a deposition in mid-June and answer questions under oath, the news outlet said.

A trial to decide whether Biden's child-support payments can be decreased is set to take place in July, CNN reported.

Last week, a lawyer for Roberts filed a 12-page brief accusing the president's son of mischaracterizing his financial situation in an effort to reduce his payments.

"Mr. Biden claims to be nothing more than a Yale-educated attorney/artist who is somewhat financially destitute and needs his child support adjusted," the brief said. "However, for an artist living on meager means, Mr. Biden is living lavishly."

It added: "He travels the world on the safest and most comfortable airplane in existence — Air Force One."

The brief also criticized Biden's group of powerful lawyers, calling them "some of the most expensive attorneys on planet Earth."

Biden initially disputed he was the father of Navy Joan, but a DNA test proved paternity and he eventually settled and agreed to pay the previously undisclosed amount of monthly child support.

The case was closed in 2020 but reopened in the fall after Biden sought to reduce his child-support payments.

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