Huobi Group Vows to ‘Save the Ocean’ Ahead of Blockchain Summit

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Huobi Group, a leading blockchain company, recently sponsored crypto experts to attend the Oceans 4.4 retreat held in the British Virgin Islands.

The 5-day retreat took place from October 9-14th. It was hosted by renowned entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson at his home on Necker Island. The event aimed to raise awareness of the water crisis affecting millions of people across the world.

During the retreat, founders, innovators and influential minds presented various solutions that can help conserve the ocean and combat climate change.

The Huobi representatives contributed to the discussion on how to tackle various issues contributing to environmental degradation. They also promised that Huobi would make climate commitments aimed at saving the ocean.

Commenting about the event, Jeff Mei, the Director of Global Strategy at Huobi Group, reiterated his company’s commitment towards improving society:

“As we continue to grow our business presence around the world, we are taking an increasing interest in the communities we operate in. Furthering social impact initiatives will be one of Huobi’s key goals going forward, and we will look to work with like-minded stakeholders that share our values.”

Huobi Group’s Blockchain Summit 2021

The Oceans retreat was a precursor to the upcoming Huobi Summit 2021, which will commemorate the blockchain company’s 8th founding anniversary.

The summit, set to take place on November 8, will host an online industry forum to discuss cutting-edge crypto and blockchain projects. Huobi Group has invited government leaders such as former Federal Reserve head Alan Greenspan and numerous business founders to participate in the event.

Huobi has been at the forefront of creating a more sustainable world. The Seychelles-based blockchain startup is involved in various initiatives geared toward fostering global blockchain development for the benefit of the society and global economy.

Contributing to a Brighter Future

Huobi Group leverages its resources and influence to create a fair and equitable future for all. Through its philanthropic arm, Huobi Charity Limited, the company taps the blockchain and cryptocurrency to tackle societal issues like poverty, healthcare, education, and more.

Huobi is committed to applying blockchain tech towards environmental development and bringing positive change to the world through innovation and social initiatives. Such efforts could help foster blockchain and crypto adoption by proving that the technologies can be a force of good for the environment.

More crypto industry participants need to join efforts to integrate environmental protection measures to silence critics who oppose the emerging sector.

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