HUR clarifies award to blogger 'Ksyusha Maneken'

Oksana Voloshchuk (a.k.a. Ksyusha Maneken)
Oksana Voloshchuk (a.k.a. Ksyusha Maneken)

The comment was provided to NV’s sister publication Ukrainska Pravda on March 5.

HUR said that its tasks are performed by many public and non-public people who do not advertise their activities.

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“Military intelligence, especially in a country at war, is a special structure that performs sometimes very special tasks. For obvious reasons, intelligence cannot disclose all methods of its activities to the general public,” HUR said.

The department stated that various representatives of society are ready to help Ukraine. It is, however, unable to publicize all the tools it uses – at least until victory.

Online communities were outraged that Instagram blogger 'Ksyusha Maneken' received an award from the agency “for assisting the military intelligence of Ukraine.” The blogger is known for earlier commenting that “it doesn’t matter whose Crimea.”

'Ksyusha Maneken' boasted about the award after a meeting with Presidential Office adviser Mykhailo Podolyak on March 3. The award itself states that it was awarded on Oct. 13, 2022.

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The blogger said that she will be able to tell the details of “how it happened” and why she received the award at the end of the war.

Subsequently, Mykhailo Podolyak explained the purpose of his meeting with bloggers, noting that Russia’s war against Ukraine includes an information front and that influencers can impact millions of people.

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