Hurricane Fiona leaves destruction in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic

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Person in hurricane
Person in hurricane ERIKA SANTELICES/afp/AFP via Getty Images

Hurricane Fiona continued on its raging path of destruction on Monday, leaving hundreds without power and water in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

The storm knocked 59 aqueducts out of service in the Dominican Republic, leaving over one million people without running water, reports CNN. Over 50 homes have been reported damaged, and over 500 people are currently in emergency shelters. The storm's 90mph winds have also caused mudslides that damaged highways and resorts in the area. The destruction has raised concerns about the Dominican Republic's tourism industry, especially as it recovers from the pandemic, The New York Times writes. There are currently no reported casualties. Just under a thousand people have been evacuated from the area.

Puerto Rico, meanwhile, is dealing with intense flooding and widespread power outages. Many are comparing the aftermath of this storm to that of Hurricane Maria, which blew through the island around this same time five years ago. Multiple deaths have been reported nationwide, including two from emergency shelters and one from the island of Culebra. The two shelter deaths were said to be from "natural casues," per Gov. Pedro Pierluisi (D). Puerto Rico is currently focused on rescuing people from the affected areas, as well as restoring power to the island, The Washington Post reports.

"It's important that when we rebuild after these [disasters], we're rebuilding for the future, not what's happened in the past," Craig Fugate, former Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator told CNN of any subsequent recovery effects.

Hurricane Fiona is expected to head towards Turks and Caicos on Tuesday.

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