After hitting Florida, Hurricane Ian could hit Middle GA. Here’s when and how to prepare

Rain, wind and falling trees could be in Macon’s future as remnants of Hurricane Ian hit Middle Georgia later this week.

“It has shifted a little bit more east, but that’s just the center of the storm,” said meteorologist Adam Baker of the National Weather Service’s Peachtree City office. “As far as it looks right now as to Macon, even if the center doesn’t hit you, it’s a few counties next to you to the east of Macon and Bibb County. The winds are going to be expanding from the center of the storm.”

The rain could come as early as late Thursday and Friday, according to the most recent forecast from NWS made at 11 a.m. Monday. NWS also said winds coming late Friday and Saturday could be between 30 and 40 miles per hour.

Even if Macon is hit with the remnants of the storm, Baker says it will likely have died down some by that time.

“It is forecast to be a lot less intense by that time on Friday and Saturday,” Baker said. “Each day, we’re going to have to watch for changes with the track, because it shifts,”

Baerk emphasized how quickly the forecast can change, mentioning it could be different as early as Tuesday. He also warned of the possible impact of the storm on trees.

“By late Friday and Saturday morning is when the gustier winds would be coming through. Trees can be a lot looser thanks to saturated soil from the rains that come before the heaviest part of the storm, so they can fall, ” Baker said.

Macon suffered many fallen trees and power outages during Hurricane Michael in fall 2018, including wind gusts that reached 53 mph.

An even worse storm preceded that one in the form of Hurricane Irma in August 2017, which knocked out power across the city and led to some flooding in Middle Georgia. Wind gusts reached 60 mph and ravaged homes in Macon.

Baker recommended households have extra batteries and power sources on hand and to prepare for heavy rain.