Hurricane Season Day 1: Miami Mayor Francis Suarez Stresses Residents Need To Be Storm Ready

Suarez hosted the hurricane preparedness press conference at the city's emergency operations center Tuesday morning.

Video Transcript

- New at 5:30 today is the official start of hurricane season. And this morning, the mayor of Miami and other city leaders spoke about the importance of being ready for that storm system.

FRANCIS SUAREZ: Some of the steps that US residents can take right now. Trim your trees, call 311 for trees that are on public property. Gather important documents for safekeeping, check insurance policies for adequate coverage, consider flood insurance, particularly if you're in a flood zone.

- Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, hosting the hurricane preparation press conference at the city's Emergency Operations Center. The mayor also said families should make sure they have a storm plan in place. The mayor says the city has begun trimming trees and making sure the drainage system is fully functional.