Hurricanes' Dougie Hamilton catches unsuspecting member of Carolina's staff in sensitive area

Carolina's Dougie Hamilton gives Patrick Budds a tap where the sun don't shine following the Hurricanes' 4-3 overtime win against the Tampa Bay Lightning on Sunday night. (Twitter//@HeresYourReplay)

Anyone who regularly hangs out at the rink knows that a cup check can come from anywhere at any time. Therefore, you must always be ready and never let your guard down, especially when Dougie Hamilton is around.

Following Carolina’s 4-3 win over the Tampa Bay Lightning and being named the game’s first star, the Hurricanes’ defenceman left the ice and began walking towards his team’s dressing room. That’s when he saw his opportunity to strike.

His sneaky execution, which was captured on camera, had many wondering if their eyes were deceiving them.

Talk about a low blow from the 26-year-old (pun aggressively intended).

Patrick Budds, who later identified himself as the victim of this heinous crime, looked about as innocent as possible before he was allegedly assaulted. The member of Carolina’s staff was simply holding the door for the team’s stud defenceman when tragedy struck.

After the video began blowing up on Twitter, Budds broke his silence, confirming that despite Hamilton’s swiftness, the love tap did indeed happen.

In Hamilton’s defence, he had just given out a numbers of high fives before the alleged incident took place. He might have just been trying to give the young man one as well and simply misjudged Budd’s height.

While Budds left the arena feeling a little queasy, Hamilton and his teammates certainly aren’t right now.

Sunday night’s win was their third straight and, more impressively, the team entered the third period of each of those games trailing by at least one goal.

With their ability to steal wins and the actions of Hamilton off the ice, the Hurricanes are doing a great job of reminding everyone that the offseason hasn’t changed a thing.

They’re still just a bunch of jerks.

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