My husband and I live 15 minutes from Disney World. Here are 7 things we do every time we visit.

stephanie riding dumbo the flying elephant at disney world
Since I live so close, I go to Disney multiple times a week.Stephanie Machado
  • My husband and I purposefully moved 15 minutes away from Disney World so we could go weekly.

  • We like to get in line for popular rides at the end of the night when the wait times are shorter.

  • Epcot is a great place to try new food, and the parks provide ample space to take long walks.

The food booths at Epcot's festivals allow us to try unique refreshments every visit.

flight of drinks from simmering sips at epcot festival
There's always something different to try.Stephanie Machado

It seems like Epcot always has some kind of festival going on. Instead of eating at the park's restaurants, we love to explore the unique festival food booths — where you can try a bunch of things for a much lower price.

There's always something new to try. We're big foodies, so venturing to Epcot for some snacks is the serotonin boost that totally changes our week.

It's easy to go overboard with all the options at these festivals, so our biggest tip is to load a Disney gift card when you arrive at the park. Once it runs out, you're done for the night.

We live close enough that we don't need to stay at the resorts, but they're still fun to visit.

stephanie posing outside a disney world resort
Resort-hopping is a great activity if you need a break from the parks.Stephanie Machado

The theme parks are super fun, but we really enjoy visiting the Disney resorts.

When you need a break during your park day, you can easily leave Epcot through the World Showcase exit and grab a snack at the BoardWalk Inn or the Beach Club.

The Beach Club has an awesome spot called Beaches and Cream that offers humongous sundaes.

We often get in line for rides right before the park closes.

stephanie and her husband in line for space mountain at disney world
It's the perfect time to get on popular rides that usually have long lines.Stephanie Machado

We don't have to ride every single attraction each visit since we're there so often, but there are always a few we're hoping to get on.

To avoid wasting time in long lines, we wait until the end of the night. This is even more effective if you get in line during the nighttime shows, when wait times drop very low.

Of course, this will stop you from seeing the beautiful fireworks, but if you visit Disney often or the rides are your priority, this is a great time-saver.

Walking around the parks is a great way to get our steps in.

cinderella castle at disney world lit up for the nighttime show
By the end of the day we definitely hit our step goal.Stephanie Machado

Eating and snacking at Disney is literally my favorite thing to do, but over the last few years, I've gone through a huge weight-loss journey.

Believe it or not, Disney has been a big part of that.

We go there to get our steps in. It's important to wear comfortable shoes because you can easily get over 15,000 steps by looping a park twice.

Sometimes we head to the parks just to walk around, and some of the resorts even have special walking trails. It's a really fun way to exercise.

Coffee tastes more magical when you get it on Main Street USA.

stephanie and her husband posing in front of cinderella castle at disney world
I always get coffee first thing.Stephanie Machado

Coffee is part of my personality, and enjoying a cup on Main Street in Magic Kingdom is a perfect experience.

I'm not sure if it's the blend, the ambiance, or a bit of both, but it just tastes better at the park. It's always our first stop at Magic Kingdom.

Every park has a Starbucks location, but they have unique names that fit the theme of the park (like Main Street Bakery). If you can't find it, ask a park employee to point you in the right direction.

Disney Springs is home to some of the best food in Orlando.

slice of cake from gideons at disney springs
Gideon's has some of the best desserts.Stephanie Machado

If we want a good meal, we head to Disney Springs.

The shopping, entertainment, and dining district is amazing and Gideon's Bakehouse has the best cookies I've ever eaten. It tends to have a very long wait, but there's a virtual queue you can join as you shop around.

Make sure to try the chocolate-chip cookie, but my personal favorite is the pistachio-toffee cookie.

Another fun spot is Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar. The Indiana Jones-themed establishment has incredible decor and drinks.

We also make sure to film and photograph a lot of content in the parks to share with other Disney fans.

stephanie and her husband posing on main street at magic kingdom
I share a lot of Disney date ideas with my followers.Stephanie Machado

One of our favorite things about living near the parks is being able to share our experiences with other Disney fans.

Lots of people can't visit the parks as often as we do, so when my husband and I go, we focus some time on creating content to share with people online.

We post photos and videos on Instagram and TikTok so other Disney fans can get inspiration, check out what's new, and experience the magic wherever they are.

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