Husband ‘yanked’ wheel from his wife — causing crash that killed him, Texas cops say

A Texas woman survived a fatal rollover crash near Interstate 27 in Lubbock on Saturday, but her husband was found dead at the scene of a wreck she says he caused, according to Lubbock police.

The woman later told police at an area hospital that their marriage had been falling apart, and they were arguing behind the wheel.

She “has been trying to get a divorce” because he was “treating her bad” and they were having other “relationship issues,” according to a police report. They no longer lived together, and he was staying at a La Quinta hotel, she told police.

Apparently, they had seen each other that day, but he was being a “jerk,” and she told him she was going to drop him back at the hotel, the report said. This upset him and he “yanked the wheel,” causing her to lose control, veer into a sidewalk and flip over several times.

The husband was thrown from the vehicle.

As one Lubbock police officer neared the scene, the first thing they noticed were tire marks, according to an incident report, starting on a northbound I-27 access road. Nearby, a battered 2004 GMC Envoy was resting on its roof in a parking lot.

Beside it, a man lay dead, covered with a white blanket. A woman was trapped inside the SUV, speaking with paramedics as they worked to free her, according to the report. Her legs and ankles looked “severely injured, possibly broken.”

She was “upset,” the police report said. She “did not know why (her husband) did what he did.”

Paramedics pulled her out of the wreckage, and she was taken to University Medical Center with “serious injuries,” according to Lubbock police.

An investigation is ongoing.

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