Hynes Convention Center Holds Soft Opening As Mass Vacination Site

About 500 people were vaccinated at the convention center on Friday.

Video Transcript

- Our first look inside the state's newest mass vaccination site. WBZ's Paula Ebben joins us now.

Paula, the Hynes Convention Center will replace the site that was at Fenway Park.

PAULA EBBEN: That's, right David. With baseball coming back to Fenway April 1, the state needed a new site, and so the Hynes is it. Today the media was allowed inside, which had a soft launch yesterday. Anyone who received his or her first dose at Fenway Park, by the way, will come to the Hynes for the second shot.

About 500 people received their vaccinations today. But organizers say depending on supply, they hope to administer nearly 9,000 shots a day. We spoke with one woman who said it was a smooth process today from start to finish.

KELLY TAN: I came in kind of 10 minutes prior to my appointment time. The security person just told me to put the second mask on and then allowed me to come inside. There was more people to always give me instructions, and the person who gave me the shot was really friendly, funny, helped kind of ease the nerves.

PAULA EBBEN: One concern that people may have about driving into the Back Bay is parking. But organizers say don't worry. If you have an appointment for a shot at the Hynes Convention Center, you can get two hours of free parking at the Prudential Center garage. Lisa?

- That takes some of the anxiety away right there. Paula, thank you.