Hyundai tackles chip shortage by making its own

Hyundai Motor has a new plan for beating the global shortage of computer chips.

It’s going to make its own.

That’s according to a report Friday (September 3) by the Seoul Economy Daily.

It says Hyundai is planning to make its own semiconductors for some uses.

That as the global shortage forces it and worldwide rivals to halt or slow production.

This week saw General Motors say that it would reduce output at most of its North American plants as a result of the problem.

Now Hyundai’s research centre and auto parts affiliate Hyundai Mobis have reportedly led the new chips project.

They’ve also worked with manufacturer Magnachip Semiconductor.

The paper says the new devices will be used in a car to be launched next year.

There was no official comment on the report from Hyundai.

In June, Reuters reported that it and affiliates were in talks with local chip makers to reduce reliance on foreign supplies.

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