Ice conditions on Lake Michigan taking toll on commercial fishers

TWO RIVERS, Wis. (WFRV) – Hooking a fish in Lake Michigan is hard to do these days.

Anglers from “Suzie Q’s” thrive off catching salmon and other lake fish for their customers, but the owner of Suzie Q’s, Paul LeClair, says the ice conditions on Lake Michigan are making it tough for commercial fishers.

“The boat has a hard time getting the net in the water because there’s so much ice on the lake right now,” explained LeClair.

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On average, anglers with the Suzie Q Fish Company can catch nearly 1,000 pounds of white fish a day, but with below-freezing temperatures creating more ice on the lake, the business is bringing in less and less product.

Those with Suzie Q Fish Company are hoping warmer temperatures will allow them to conduct business as usual.

“We anticipate it to get back to normal, it usually gets a little better with the warmer weather things should get better so hopefully we can get a little more than a thousand pounds a day,” said LeClair.

Suzie Q’s says it plans to continue netting fish, although the ice is ruining the fun.

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