Ice dam, gutter crashes down, narrowly missing South Buffalo woman’s home

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – With all the snow and ice WNY has gotten from recent storms, there are concerns about all that weight accumulating on rooftops.

One family in South Buffalo says a gutter from a house next to them came crashing down due to the heavy weight from icicles and now they’re calling for action.

Donna Kuhn says for years she’s had concerns about the condition of a home right next to her.
On Sunday, she says a gutter from the home came crashing down because of ice that built up.

Luckily no one was hurt. That gutter also took down a telephone wire. Eventually a maintenance crew came by to clean all this up. Donna reached out to Call 4 Action for help to hold the owner of this home accountable for neglecting it.

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According to property records, Erie County lists the owner of the home as the City of Buffalo, but Donna says the owner lives in Canada.

News 4 showed the damage to a city spokesperson earlier Wednesday and within hours a code enforcement officer arrived on scene.

“You reached out to the city, a building inspector came and I talked with him, he looked at it I explained to him what I’ve been going through and that the last word was the woman does not want to invest anymore money in the house and all he says was well, she’s in for a big surprise,” Kuhn said, “It sounded like the house collapsed, that’s how much noise it made, it scared you because it was like oh my God what just happened and looked out and everything was down.”

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After our inquiry, a spokesperson for the city says that new violations are pending against the homeowner. City records show that the homeowner was fined $10,500 last year for housing violations. The build up of ice and snow on rooftops is a concern we’ve seen across the area after last week’s storms.

Eight Days of Hope which has been helping clear off rooftops says it helped 88 families and wrapped up their volunteer services Tuesday night.

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