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Iced Coffee Day Saves Lives At Johns Hopkins Hospital

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Sometimes it takes a great partnership to have a happy ending. The one between Johns Hopkins and Dunkin Donuts’ just so happens to save a life.

Video Transcript

- And water ice. All right, there is nothing better than getting your day started with a good old cup of coffee.

- And especially an iced one on a hot day like today. And now you can enjoy it while giving you a great cause with Dunkin' and Johns Hopkins.

- WJZ live for you. Max McGee tells us how Iced Coffee Day is actually helping save lives. Max.

MAX MCGEE: Well, Nicole, it turns out coffee can not only give us that boost of energy we all want, it also can give us that boost of life one Baltimore family desperately needed. Sometimes it takes a great partnership to have a happy ending. The one between Johns Hopkins and Dunkin' just so happens to save a life. Emily Williams was pregnant, showing signs of severe internal bleeding.

EMILY WILLIAMS: During that time period, that local hospital told us that they don't think that Abby would be able to survive.

MAX MCGEE: Devastated, she went home. Life uncertain. And then her water broke before racing to Johns Hopkins.

EMILY WILLIAMS: They told us that Abby had a 1% chance and they were going to do everything they could with that 1% chance, and not the 99% that was against us.

MAX MCGEE: A miracle. Born 3 and 1/2 months earlier, 2 pounds 2 ounces.

EMILY WILLIAMS: She barely could fit in the palm of my husband's hand, and his wedding ring could fit around her knee.

MAX MCGEE: And now, saving lives like Abby starts with a pour. Wednesday is Iced Coffee Day across Baltimore. $1 from all iced coffee sold benefits kids at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center. Special equipment, toys, support to give kids a chance.

JENNIFER PHELPS: Abby's family kind of knew from the start the amazing things that were happening at the Children's Center, and they knew that in order to save Abby's life, they had to come to Hopkins.

COLLEEN KRYGIEL: This is something that is extremely important and they're very passionate about giving back to this organization. They do such an important piece in our community.

MAX MCGEE: Who knew a cup of coffee can make a miracle.

EMILY WILLIAMS: The faith and belief that Hopkins had in our daughter, and the capabilities of those doctors and nurses had, we wouldn't be a family of three today.

MAX MCGEE: We're back live now. Abby spent 314 days in the hospital. She's now a healthy and vibrant three-year-old. It's being called a miracle her mom says. Brett and Nicole, check this out. I'm already getting my day started tomorrow with an iced coffee. I brought iced coffee's and donuts at WJZ, at television [INAUDIBLE]. We're all ready to go.

- Yes, you did. How sweet of you. Max brought us some treats earlier, but is--

- What?

- He did. You missed it next.

- Max, afternoon shift. Come on, man. Evening shift.

MAX MCGEE: Go back to the newsroom, and all the donuts are lined up, ready to go.

- Dude, a couple more of them, you won't sleep tonight. You'll just roll straight through and come to work tomorrow. Good stuff, Max. Thank you.