Icelanders say they're excited for volcano eruption

The eruption in the Krysuvik volcanic system does not pose any danger to the public, according to officials, and residents of nearby towns say its main effect will be to bring tourists.

Video Transcript

SIGURDUR KRISTMUNDSSON: I thought it wouldn't-- wouldn't happen. The earthquake weather they were predicting on people were, well, two or three days we had no earthquake, so nothing was coming down. Then we believed that everything was over. But-- so it's nothing anyway.

I think we are excited because it's not so heavy or grave. It's not any danger or nothing like that. So it's-- I think people are excited, and I think that, also, they are not too afraid of it.

SIGURBJORN EYTHORSSON: We've just been monitoring the area. First, people who were not allowed to walk to the possible volcano area. But now people are allowed to walk so basically we are just monitoring, making sure that people can walk safely.

SIGURDUR KRISTMUNDSSON: If it's more like that and far away from the town and people and all the infrastructures, roads and such, well, it's OK. Just great for the tourist business and such.