Iconic arena re-opens to fans for NY Knicks game

Basketball fans flocked to New York’s Madison Square Garden for the first time in more than a year Tuesday as the state eased restrictions on stadium attendance. (Feb. 23)

Video Transcript


AARON CUST: It's amazing.

- We're so excited.

AARON CUST: So excited, just watching the next play, I'm just happy to be back. I think they're definitely making the right precautions. I feel like it's going to be safe in there. So I'm definitely happy about it for sure.

ANTHONY DONAHUE: It's very exciting. It's emotional, a lot of nerves. We don't know what to expect. Never been to a game in a 20,000 seat arena with 2,000 people spread out, but we're going to find out what it's like tonight.

But then you had to do a COVID test a few days ago to get the results-- a certain type of test. You can't do a rapid test. You've got to do a PCR test. When we walk in, I'll show the results. They'll take my temperature. They'll see that I filled out the health declaration. And we're ready to go and cheer on our boys.

MARIA KERO: I'm so excited. My smile under this mask is just huge. I'm so glad to be home. We're home, baby. It has been so tough watching them from home. But we get to be back in our home away from home. We miss the Garden. You know, we feed off their energy. They feed off ours. So we're glad to be here. I just-- I can't wait. I'm so excited for tonight.