Iconic Sacramento Artist Gregory Kondos Dies At 97

Kondos' mural, "River's Edge, adorns Sacramento International Airport and can be viewed in Terminal A. The Kondos house could be an art museum, not just his work hanging on the walls but his awards and even books of his landscapes.

Video Transcript

- Tonight, people remembering iconic Sacramento artist Gregory Kondos. The artist celebrated for his local landscapes that made the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta famous around the world. His wife of more than two decades mourning, but also remembering their incredible life. New tonight, she gave us a tour of their home, lined with some of his work she holds most dear.

MONI VAN KAMP KONDOS: Delta pieces-- these are all [INAUDIBLE].

- Moni Van Kamp Kondos is surrounded by memories.

MONI VAN KAMP KONDOS: These are hard, because they have the reflection.

- The proud wife of renowned Sacramento landscape artist Gregory Kondos.

MONI VAN KAMP KONDOS: I never knew how much I could miss him until this morning, when he wasn't here. And that's the hardest thing.

- Kondos died at the age of 97, just days before his birthday. Married 25 years and inseparable, Moni describes their years of traveling as being the driver while he was doing the sketching.

MONI VAN KAMP KONDOS: He didn't walk well the last six years, and so I was always his little feet.

- A local artist known for his stunning work around the world and honored here at home. The art gallery at Sacramento City College was named after him. His mural, "River's Edge," adorns the Sacramento International Airport as one of the first things people see as they enter the city. The Kondos home could be an art museum-- not just his work hanging on the walls, but his awards, and even books of his landscapes.


- Moni taking one call after another from friends, family and fans mourning the loss of a celebrated artist who shared his inspiration far and wide.

MONI VAN KAMP KONDOS: Just a privilege to have been married and experiencing life with Greg.

- Kondos lived in Sacramento from the time he was just three years old. He left to serve in the Navy during World War II, but then returned for good.