Icy Conditions Lead To Numerous Crashes Throughout North Texas

Along with the deadly pileup on I-35W, there were other crashes and pileups seen throughout North Texas due to the icy conditions.

Video Transcript

- It is the sound that really grabs you. Another perspective of the massive pileup on Interstate 35W in Fort Worth. This was the worst of the day, clearly, but there were dozens more across the Metroplex. Aaron Jones with a look for us from Dallas.

ERIN JONES: With the frigid temps and slick roads, hairstylist Kimberly Cotter is staying put.

KIMBERLY COTTER: We're just going to, you know, play and then have some lazy time.

ERIN JONES: But others say they don't have this option.

CHARLES WESTFALL: I've been out on the road early this morning, before 8:00 AM, checking on different job sites. I'm in the construction business. And I felt like it was slippery in numerous places.

ERIN JONES: Overnight into the morning, multiple accidents were reported. Just before midnight, a man was killed in an 18-car pileup on I-45 at Lamar, and one other person was hospitalized. Another bad crash involving a FedEx truck that flipped on its side occurred at I-30 and Westmoreland, but thankfully no serious injuries.

As the day progressed, the ice started to melt, but it was still an issue. Around 11:00 AM, we spoke to a man involved in an accident involving six vehicles at 75 and Spring Valley.

- Just slid on a little ice, and the car just took off on its own. You know, and the brakes locked. Slammed up into the wall, bounced out. And God was looking out for me.

ERIN JONES: When we asked him his name, he said "Lucky. Lucky to be able to walk out of that alive." In Dallas, Erin Jones, CBS 11 News.