Icy roads in Nashville Monday as storm moves through the area

The Tennessee Highway Patrol responded to over one hundred calls for service in mid-Tennessee by midday Monday.

Video Transcript

KIM LEOFFLER: Who says you can only sled in snow? For these families, a layer of ice was the perfect condition to have some fun.

- The last big snow was four years ago.

- Yeah, four years ago.

- So this is something. We'll take it.

KIM LEOFFLER: It's a sight you don't see too often in Nashville. For some of these residents, this was their first time getting out the sleds.

- I just bought the sleds.


KIM LEOFFLER: Crews out early this morning working to get roadways and sidewalks clear. If you don't need to be on the roads, the best advice is to stay home.

MARK HANSEN: We was out pre-treating all day yesterday. So we're trying to stay ahead of it.

KIM LEOFFLER: Tennessee Highway Patrol responding to over 100 calls for service in mid Tennessee by midday, Monday. This tractor trailer slid off I-40 Monday morning and closed the interstate for about an hour. Roadways definitely a big concern in this area. Driving conditions expected to remain dangerous here throughout the night. Reporting in Nashville AccuWeather, I'm Kim Leoffler.