"I'd never seen snow": Brazilians revel in icy snap

A white dusting of snow covered cars, streets and highways in the south of Brazil on Thursday.

The rare strong snowfalls left many residents mesmerized by the icy snap, including truck driver Iodor Goncalves Marques:

"I am 62 years old and had never seen the snow, you know? To see nature's beauty is something indescribable."

More than 40 cities in the state of Rio do Sul had winter precipitation and at least 33 municipalities had snow.

Many turned out in their winter gear, mobile phone in hand to document the rare weather event.

"It was worth it (the cold). Actually, you almost don't feel the cold because of how exciting the snow is. It is marvellous!"

On Friday there were warnings of low temperatures.

The polar air mass advanced toward the center-south of the global agricultural powerhouse, threatening coffee, sugarcane and orange crops with frost.

There were also reports of winds reaching a top of 49mph.

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