Do Idahoans need to turn back the clock for daylight saving? Didn’t Congress vote it away?

It’s almost time for clocks to “fall back” one hour as Idaho heads into the end of daylight saving time.

At 2 a.m. on Nov. 5, clocks will turn backward, giving people a chance to sleep in for one extra hour.

Daylight saving time ends on the first Sunday of November, according to Time and Date. This means sunrise and sunset will be earlier, and there will be more sunlight in the mornings.

This comes as the Northern Hemisphere approaches the autumnal equinox on Sept. 23, which marks the first day of fall. In the following days, leading up to the winter equinox on Dec. 21, the days will get shorter, and nights will get longer.

Not everyone will see the time change

Not all states practice daylight saving time.

Under the Uniform Time Act, states can choose to participate or stay in standard time all year. For example, only Hawaii and most of Arizona observe permanent standard time.

The Idaho Legislature voted in 2020 to make daylight saving time permanent in North Idaho if Washington makes it permanent due to North Idaho being on Pacific Standard Time and Southern Idaho on Mountain Standard Time. The Legislature also voted in 2020 to exempt Idaho from daylight saving time provisions of federal law.

That means the state would stop changing the clocks twice a year and no longer have to endure darkness before dinner during winter. However, the changes won’t take effect at the state level until Congress votes to do away with daylight saving time.

Didn’t Congress vote for permanent daylight saving time?

Well, unfortunately, no. It’s true that the U.S. Senate on March 15, 2022, by unanimous consent, passed the Sunshine Protection Act of 2021. There was much buzz over the bill at the time, given that it would make daylight saving time permanent starting on Nov. 5, 2023 — if the House and the president approved it.

As you can now probably guess, that hasn’t happened. The bill was sent to the House, but nothing has been done with it since March 2022.

When does daylight saving start again?

Daylight saving time starts March 10, 2024. At 2 a.m., time will jump forward by one hour.