Ihnat details Ukraine’s preparations for potential Russian mass strikes in fall

Ihnat describes growing potential of Ukrainian army and it’s readiness for future strikes in the fall

Ukraine is bolstering its air defense forces in preparation for possible mass strikes by Russia on critical infrastructure targets in the fall, spokesperson for the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Yuriy Ihnat, said on Ukrainian national television on Sept. 3.

Ihnat noted that while Russia no longer possesses the same quantity of missile reserves as before, it is actively increasing its production of drones.

He emphasized Ukraine’s commitment to defending against such attacks.

“Ukrainians are prepared, and I believe the energy sector has braced itself for adverse scenarios,” Ihnat said.

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“Our air defense is unequivocally ready. Just a year ago, we had no medium-range Western systems. Only last fall did we receive the first NASAMS and IRIS systems in limited quantities.”

“Presently, we boast an array of air defense systems that is unparalleled worldwide.”

The Western air defense systems are complemented by Soviet ones, such as the S-300 and Buk, he added.

“All of this, … is operational and yielding results. The only challenge is that there are not enough of them.”

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“The country is vast, and we must establish localized air defense to protect key assets, cities, and strategic facilities,” Ihnat said.

Highlighting the potential for enhancements to the air defense system, Ihnat also mentioned the possibility of supplementing it with F-16 fighters.

Russia may resume a campaign of mass shelling in Ukraine during the fall and winter, similar to incidents that occurred last year during the same period, leading to emergency power outages in the country, military experts have warned.

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