Ikea superfans share 7 affordable items they won't leave the store without

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Six Ikea superfans share their favorite affordable Ikea items. Getty Images / Sjoerd van der Wal / Contributor
  • Six Ikea superfans shared the items they can't leave the store without.

  • The fans shared a range of affordable products from plants to kitchen utensils.

  • Ikea's $10 feather pillow insert was the No. 1 item mentioned.

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Nick Lewis, a design and decorating YouTuber, can't help but grab a snake plant on his way out of Ikea.

Meanwhile, Kristen McGowan, an interior designer and content creator, has to stop in the kitchen section, where she almost always picks up a $2.99 milk frother.

After purchasing and using dozens - sometimes hundreds - of Ikea items, six superfans share the impulse items they buy every time they visit the store.

Multiple Ikea fans said they rarely leave the store without a basket or two.

ikea baskets
Ikea baskets in Kristen McGowan's and Kim Lee's homes. Kristen McGowan/Kim Lee

Lidia Salazar, an Instagrammer and TikToker focused on interior design, told Insider that her home is filled with Ikea baskets.

There are baskets in the living room, entryway, kitchen, and throughout her entire house. So it makes sense that nearly every time she visits the store, she adds to her collection.

Salazar isn't alone in her love for Ikea baskets. Rebecca Heart, a blogger and Instagrammer who focuses on design and renovations, has also fallen in love with Ikea's baskets, which she said are ideal for decorative storage.

Kristen McGowan, an interior designer and content creator, added that Ikea's baskets are affordable and fit with today's interior-design trends, such as rattan.

McGowan loved the baskets so much, she even found a way to hack the $10 Flådis seagrass basket into a pendant lamp for her home.

"You can use the Ikea baskets and turn them into coffee tables, lights, and stuff like that," she said.

Three superfans said they never leave without grabbing Ikea's affordable feather pillow inserts.

ikea impulse purchases
The Ikea pillows in Lidia Salazar's home. Everyday Home Decor

Salazar said she swears by Ikea's duck feather pillow insert. She said the pillows are the best quality for their cost.

For example, the Fjädrar pillow insert is $10 for the 26-inch by 26-inch size.

Salazar wasn't the only one to mentioned the Fjädrar pillow insert.

McGowan and Kiva Brent, a DIY and design YouTuber, also added that they love the inserts. Brent said she rarely leaves the store without grabbing at least one pillow.

Often, they pick up a pillow cover or two.

ikea pillow cases covers
Pillows in Kiva Brent's and Lidia Salazar's homes. DIY with KB/Everyday Home Decor

Brent said she has so many throw inserts at this point that she needs pillow covers to keep up with her habit. So nearly every time she visits an Ikea, she almost always grabs a pillow cover, she said.

Her favorite is Ikea's line of linen pillow covers. Brent said she might pair the $14 covers with $100 covers throughout her home, and no one can tell the difference in quality.

"It looks super cohesive, which I think is really important," Brent told Insider.

Meanwhile, two fans said they almost always grab a last-minute houseplant.

ikea plants
Two people shop for plants at Ikea. Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

"I don't claim to keep alive, but I always grab some kind of plant," Kim Lee, the lead content creator at Free to Family, a blog focused on intentional living, told Insider.

Near the checkout area of an Ikea, there's an outdoor section that's typically filled with live houseplants.

While Ikea might not stock exotic or unusual plants, it often has popular houseplants, like the aloe plant or pothos.

Nick Lewis, a YouTuber who creates interior design and decorating content, said he's always impressed with Ikea's plant collection. He said he typically grabs a snake plant or two on his way out because they're affordable and hard to kill.

One fan said he doesn't leave without grabbing a pot for a new plant.

ikea plant and pot section
The plant and pot section of an Ikea store in Spain. GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images

A new plant needs a new home, so Lewis said he'll also stop by Ikea's plant pot collection before checking out.

While he avoids the decor section and opts for smaller, unique brands for decorative elements throughout his home, that's not the case when it comes to plant pots. Lewis said he loves Ikea's pot collection for the price and its wide selection of colors.

Other superfans said they have to check out the latest affordable kitchen items.

Untitled design   2021 03 02T094930.824
Kim Lee's kitchen drawers filled with utensils. Free to Family

Whether it's a new kitchen knife, colander, or storage container, Lisa Herland, a realtor and design blogger, said she loves to purchase Ikea's kitchen items, mainly because they're so affordable.

Kim Lee, the lead content creator at Free to Family, a blog focused on intentional living, told Insider that she also loves Ikea's kitchen items.

Although she tries to keep her kitchen decluttered, one of her favorite items she's purchased is Ikea's Grundvattnet, which is a colander that costs $5.99.

The colander spans the width of a sink, so Lee can wash her vegetables, berries, or dishes and leave them to dry.

One fan always picks up her favorite milk frother at the store.

milk frother ikea
An affordable milk frother is one of Kristen McGowan's favorite Ikea purchases. Kristen McGowan

McGowan said she's tried a handful of milk frothers, but Ikea's product wins in froth-ability, price, and size.

"It literally works in seconds," she said.

The frother, which retails for $2.99, is worth every penny, she said. Since the utensil is so affordable, McGowan said she almost always grabs one to give to a friend or just in case her frother breaks.

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