Illegal border crossings set to be ‘worst in US history’

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The nonstop surge of illegal immigrants across the United States-Mexico border this year, already breaking records month after month, is on a path to becoming the worst ever, according to the latest statistical analysis.

And it won’t be by a hair. The new data shows that the record, set in 2000, will be surpassed by 200,000, enough to double the population of Salt Lake City, Utah.

“Calendar year 2021 will almost certainly be recorded, by a large margin, as the worst in U.S. history for southwest border apprehensions,” said the latest immigration analysis from Princeton Policy Advisors.

“The administration is currently tracking 1.75-1.80 million apprehensions at the border, as much as 200,000 higher than the next closest year. Barring a draconian change of policy, a record for the calendar year is all but in the bag,” Princeton Policy President Steven Kopits added in his analysis.

The Biden administration has announced record apprehensions month after month, a response to dismantling the tight border conditions put in place by former President Donald Trump and his team.

In grappling with the public relations crisis, President Joe Biden’s team has announced fix-it plans but still moved ahead with easing restrictions, slowing arrests of illegal criminals, and flooding cities with new arrivals, many who have not been tested for the coronavirus.

Kopits highlighted the growing numbers in introducing his analysis of the historically high July data from the Department of Homeland Security.

“Customs and Border Protection reports that Border Patrol apprehended 199,777 persons at the U.S. southwest border in July. This represents an increase of 21,000 over June and was 23,000 higher than our dire forecast of one month ago. Further, July apprehensions were nearly twice the level of the next highest July in the last 20 years, that is, July 2000 of the Clinton administration, when 114,000 migrants were arrested,” wrote Kopits, whose predictions have been accurate.

And while he has hedged his 2021 yearly prediction for months, July’s stunning surge made it easy for him to declare the year a disaster.

He also echoed a growing chorus of border-state lawmakers calling both for massive policy changes and the resignation of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

“I am frankly astounded that Secretary Mayorkas still holds his job. He should have been fired two months ago, and likely will be in the next two months,” Kopits said.

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