Illegal Installations Discovered After Gas Explosion At Bronx Building

In the Bronx, city officials say illegal work was discovered at the site of a gas explosion. The blast Thursday left multiple people hurt, including six children; CBS2's Cory James reports.

Video Transcript

- In the Bronx, city officials say illegal work was discovered at the site of a gas explosion.

- The blast yesterday left multiple people hurt, including children. CBS2's Cory James reports from Morris Park .

CORY JAMES: COREY JAMES: You're looking at the landlord of this apartment building in the Bronx, the center of a gas explosion, Thursday. He did not want to give us his name, and also tried dodging our questions, but eventually responded when asked if there had been problems at his properties before.

- Never.

CORY JAMES: COREY JAMES: A quick answer from a man who, according to New York City's Department of Buildings, had illegal installations. City Officials say the agency's plumbing inspectors found that gas piping, fittings, valves, water lines, and waste lines for the use of laundry equipment, had all been illegally put in. Un-permitted work that was spotted in the garage.

- I got to meet Con Edison and make sure we get to the bottom of it.

CORY JAMES: CBS2 got a look at the back of the building Friday, where we found more extensive damage left behind. A force that tore this front door off its hinges, sending it into power lines across the street. Inside, you could see debris scattered all over the floor, broken furniture, and a ceiling ripped apart with insulation hanging down.

And neighbors did not want to speak on camera, but local organization and non-profit Emergency rights was out here speaking with them, and trying to help.

AWILDA CORDERO They said it was very scary. It was. They were in the room when all of a sudden this big boom happened, and the bodies flew.

CORY JAMES: The landlord, describing how he feels about 10 people, including children, now hurt, two of them seriously.

- Horrible, I feel. How would you feel?

CORY JAMES: The Department of Buildings is ordering the owner, who is now facing multiple violations, to hire a professional engineer so the entire building can be structurally evaluated. In the Morris Park section of the Bronx, Cory James, CBS2 News.