Illegally-Sold Puppies in East Bay Found Suffering From Parvo

Before you buy a pandemic pet here's a warning about puppies being sold on the side of the road in Alameda County -- they may be very sick. Juliette Goodrich reports. (4-30-21)

Video Transcript

- Before you buy a pandemic pet, a warning tonight about the puppies that are being sold on the side of the road in Alameda County.

- Yeah. They look awfully cute but they may be very sick. KPIX 5 Juliette Goodrich is in Pleasanton to explain, Juliette.

JULIETTE GOODRICH: Yes. You know, vet hospitals like this one also animal control officials are warning the public not to fall prey to those cute little puppies on the side of the road. Chances are the person selling those puppies are not breeders and those puppies could have a deadly virus.

- Her name is Pepe. Just Pepe.

JULIETTE GOODRICH: These puppies and dogs are cute and in demand, especially with so many people getting pets during the pandemic. But buyer beware. You could be in for puppy heartbreak if you don't get one from a reputable breeder, shelter, or rescue organization.

COLEEN DOSSEY: A couple of days later, you might find you have a very, very sick puppy on your hands.

JULIETTE GOODRICH: Veterinarians and animal service officers in the East Bay sending out a serious warning about people selling puppies out of their vehicles on the side of the road and in parking lots. They say you just don't know the dog's medical history. And the sad reality--

- A dog out of a van, and that's a puppy mill situation which you wouldn't want.

JULIETTE GOODRICH: A recent incident happening along airwave Boulevard in Livermore, multiple puppies sold for $450 cash turns out the puppies had parvo.

COLEEN DOSSEY: Parvo is a highly contagious and can be a very deadly virus. Spread from dogs to dogs.

JULIETTE GOODRICH: Says beware of parvo pug puppies being sold in Tracy.

Another buyer posted this pavo puppy warning on Craigslist after she purchased a puppy that had parvo and died days later. The buyer even posted the dog seller's phone number and so we called it.

Did you sell the puppies? I hear puppies in the background. OK.

Heartbreaking news for this long time multiple owner. She got her dog Lunas six years ago from a reputable shelter.

- I can't even believe that something like that would even happen around here. That's so crazy.

- Julia, what are the consequences for someone selling one of these sick puppies to somebody?

JULIETTE GOODRICH: Yeah. Well, if they get caught like in that case in Livermore, that person selling those puppies was sighted and they face two misdemeanor charges. One for selling puppies under the age of eight weeks old on the side of the street, and also potentially sick puppies.

- I just feel for the dogs and the owners that fall in love with them.


- All right, Juliette. Thank you.