Illinois Amendment 1: right to collective bargaining measure

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  • Amendment 1 would alter the state's constitution to add a right to collective bargaining.

  • Proponents say that the amendment will protect anti-union opposition.

  • Opponents argue that the law gives unions too much power.

A "yes" on Amendment 1 would alter the state's constitution to give people the right to collective bargaining.


Ballot measure details

Amendment 1 would add language to the state's constitution that gives employees the fundamental right to organize and collectively bargain at their workplaces to negotiate "wages, hours, and working conditions."

It also prohibits any law that would interfere with unionization efforts at workplaces, including right-to-work laws that allow workers to avoid paying union fees and prohibits union requirements at jobs.

The measure needs 60% of voters' approval to alter the state constitution.

Support and opposition

Vote Yes For Workers Rights is leading the support for Amendment 1. Supporters include the Illinois Federation of Teachers, other local unions, and Democratic lawmakers.

Supporters argue that this will enshrine the right to unionize and protect employees from anti-union initiatives and laws that would make collective bargaining more difficult.

Opposition to this measure includes the Illinois Policy Institute and the Illinois Republican Party, which argues that the amendment will give union organizations too much power and make it more difficult for business owners to operate in the state.

The money race

According to Illinois State Board of Elections filings, $13.6 million has been raised in support of Amendment 1. So far, there has been no committee registered to collect contributions to oppose the measure.

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