Illinois COVID And COVID Vaccine Numbers

Despite the upward trend in COVID cases, more people are getting vaccinated in the state.

Video Transcript

- To the fight against COVID-19, and take a look at the case curve. Since January, in Illinois, more than 3,800 new cases reported today. That's the second highest number since January. However, look at this, more than 166,000 vaccinations given yesterday. That's the second most in a single day. 25% of the State is fully vaccinated.

Losing the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is forcing the Chicago Health Department to make changes to its vaccine rollout. The United Center's mass vaccination site will now continue to offer the Pfizer vaccine instead of switching to the J&J vaccine as planned. Appointment scheduling resumed today, and the Chicago State University vaccination site is also switching to Pfizer. However, the O'Hare vaccine site that had been using Johnson & Johnson will not reopen.