Illinois Holocaust Museum marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day

The Illinois Holocaust Museum is hosting a virtual event Thursday evening for International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Video Transcript

LEAH HOPE: The Illinois Holocaust Museum offers visitors in person an opportunity to understand and reflect on the history. Tonight, the museum hosts a virtual event for International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

KELLEY SZANY: And in particular, we honor and remember those who resisted and fought during the Holocaust, those righteous who helped rescue Jews during the Holocaust, and those men and women who helped liberate Europe and our survivors.

RALPH REHBOCK: The killing of the six million Jews in the Holocaust was a result of those early words and those early actions that nobody responded to.

LEAH HOPE: Ralph Rehbock is vice president of the museum's board and escaped Germany with his parents when he was four years old in 1938. It was only with the help of several individuals who could have turned their backs. Rehbock lost 28 relatives in the Holocaust.

RALPH REHBOCK: Things can happen again, and that past started with words. And those terrible words that were being said against us started it all. It was words before actions.

LEAH HOPE: Part of the museum's collection includes a letter from Rehbock's aunt, who died in Auschwitz. Rehbock says the pain of remembering is worth it if new generations remember lessons Learned. Registration is recommended for tonight's virtual program starting at 6:30. In Skokie, Leah Hope, "ABC 7 Eyewitness News."