Illinois man who shot at local to appear in court

Jan. 24—An Illinois man accused of shooting at another man earlier this month is slated to appear in district court.

Christian Wills was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon for a gunfire exchange on North Cedar Avenue on Jan. 9. Officers were called to the area after gunshots rang out. Demeshon Jones said Wills was knocking violently on his door and he grabbed his gun to open the door.

Jones said Wills pulled out what he believed to be a firearm, so he shot at the intruder. Wills allegedly returned fire from the parking lot before he fled the area in a black Dodge Charger. Officers located the vehicle at W.W. Hastings Hospital, where security guards advised a gunshot victim was inside.

A trail of blood led officers to an emergency room bed, where Wills was receiving medical attention. Lt. Justin Leatherwood went out to the vehicle and found blood "everywhere." A Glock gun box could be seen in the passenger seat, and the pistol was found in the passenger floorboard, covered in blood.

Erika Callaway said Wills, whom she didn't know, approached her as she was walking to her car and took her keys. She said he stabbed the tires to Jones' car before he walked to Jones' apartment.

A warrant was issued the day of the shooting, and Wills was transported to the Cherokee County Courthouse by a bondsman. The bench warrant was recalled, bond was set at $50,000, and B.J. Baker was listed as Wills' attorney.

A motion for discovery was filed Jan. 11 by Baker wherein the state is to provide the names and addresses of witnesses they plan to call at trial; written or recorded statements made by any party; any books, papers, documents, photographs, or tangible objects the state intends to use at trial; and records check on any witness who could testify at trial.

Jones filed an emergency protective order against Wills on Jan. 12.

Wills is ordered back to court Feb. 7, at 1:30 p.m. for his initial appearance.