Illinois mayor's wife found at bar violating stay-at-home order

Danielle Garrand
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    Time to see a lawyer why would you live with someone partying in a bar. Who is tapping her?
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    1am in the morning and he didn't know where his wife was? She's the Mayor's wife. I would think that there would be certain protocols for behavior when you husband holds a public office.
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    Well at least the mayor told the police not to give her any special treatment.I bet the judge will tho when she goes to court.
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    And the mayor of Chicago is urging social distancing and gets a haircut and takes pictures with the stylist.
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    Bars are supposed to be closed everywhere now. But an elderly woman said yesterday, "Every bar has a backdoor". She lived through Prohibition.
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    TEXAS Citizen
    Bars are open? Texas has twice the population of Illinois. Illinois has more than 12,000 Coronavirus cases & Texas has a little over 7,000.

    Bars & sit down restaurant eating in Houston, TX, one of the largest cities in the nation, have been closed through at least the end of April. Maybe Illinois needs to rethink it's Coronavirus approach?
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    Why did the city's police chief have to "consult" with the Mayor in the first place?
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    of course she will get no special treatment, neither will her boyfriend
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    Well, Mayor Walker ain't gonna be get any for awhile.
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    Good Morning
    Why is a bar open anyway?