Illinois police looking for man after 16-year-old girl violently sexually assaulted on bike path

Authorities in Lake County are investigating a violent sexual assault that occurred earlier this week on the Robert McClory Bike Path.

Video Transcript

KELLY DAVIS: Bikers ride their regular route down the Robert Mclaury bike path.

GARY BLECK: Yeah, twice a day usually.


GARY BLECK: Four times a week.

KELLY DAVIS: Gary Bleck says it's usually a peaceful ride, and he was surprised to hear about an assault just North of York House Road, a stretch he's very familiar with.

GARY BLECK: Last night I didn't because it was a potential inclement weather, but yeah, normally I would do it out at that time.

KELLY DAVIS: Police say a 16-year-old girl was walking along the path around 7:30 last night when it's still light outside. That's when police say a man came out of the trees and attacked her. He grabbed the girl by the neck, shoved her to the ground, then sexually assaulted her.


KELLY DAVIS: The teen started screaming, which got the attention of a nearby neighbor who yelled back. Police say the man took off and the girl ran to the good Samaritan who then called 9-1-1.

GARY BLECK: Now there's houses on pretty much the entire section, so It'd be-- screaming really loud is a good solution.

KELLY DAVIS: The victim was taken to the hospital where she was treated and released. Meanwhile, Sheriff's deputies used a K9 to track the offender who they believe drove off after the attack, now residents are on the lookout.

VLADIMIR GOVORKOB: Wide open, easy to see all the way down the road, you know, people walking around as well. The only thing is crossing the road with the vehicles, but usually safe.

KELLY DAVIS: The suspect is described as thin, possibly in his 20s. Police say he was wearing several metal hair clips in his hair, a distinct feature.

GARY BLECK: I'll keep an eye out. But I haven't seen anyone, [INAUDIBLE] but thank you.

KELLY DAVIS: Thanks for your time. Police are asking neighbors to take a look at their surveillance cameras or ring cameras, if they have them, to see if they can track down a picture of their suspect. Reporting live from Beach Park, I'm Kelly Davis.