As Illinois Prepares To Fully Reopen, Many Businesses Will Be Keeping Their Own COVID Rules In Place

“Sign, sign, everywhere a sign”; those are the lyrics to a 70's song that seem very relevant today.

Video Transcript

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- Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. Those are the lyrics to a '70s song that seems pretty relevant today. COVID do's and don'ts are plastered everywhere.

- So how do you know which ones are current and relevant? Morning Insider Tim McNicholas asks an expert.

- Stand six feet apart, mask required, temperature checks will be taken. Basically, a business or building has a sign following.

- Any private business is able to mandate a mask just like they're able to tell you that they don't they're not going to serve you or let you in if you're not wearing shoes.

- Dr. Emily Landon is an infectious disease expert at UT Chicago. She says some businesses are keeping COVID rules in place to protect employees and customers who may be at risk. But regardless of whether a business enforces mask wearing for vaccinated people--

- Individuals who are unvaccinated should be wearing masks in inside spaces.

- Things get more complicated when it comes to businesses that don't require everyone to follow the same rules.

- There aren't a lot of great systems in place for ensuring that it's only the vaccinated people who are unmasked. We're using largely an honor system.

- Landon says unvaccinated individuals can be at high risk for getting COVID if there are other unvaccinated people not wearing masks or following social distancing rules. Regardless of whether you're vaccinated or not--

- You should go ahead and wear any anytime you want, anywhere you want. And as for the future of mask wearing, Landon expect some places like hospitals and public transportation to enforce mask wearing long term. Tim McNicholas CBS 2 News.

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