Illinois Ranks Last Among States For People With Second COVID-19 Doses Per Capita

The State of Illinois has touted its robust plan to rollout coronavirus vaccine statewide. So why are we at the very bottom of the list for second rounds shots of vaccine, per capita? CBS 2's Chris Tye reports.

Video Transcript

BRAD EDWARDS: With that we say good afternoon. I'm Brad Edwards.

IRIKA SARGENT: And I'm Irika Sargent. The state of Illinois has touted its robust plan to roll out vaccines statewide. So why are we at the very bottom of the list for second round shots?

BRAD EDWARDS: CBS News' Chris Tye took the tough grades and questions to Governor Pritzker today. He's live with what the governor said. Chris.

CHRIS TYE: Brad and Irika, Governor Pritzker had blamed the Trump administration for much of the botched vaccine rollout in Illinois and around the country for much of the last year. But now Illinois finds itself at the bottom of another list that has very little attachment to the Trump administration. But Governor Pritzker says there's a valid reason behind it.

MARC COURTNEY: On a scale of 1 to 10, about a 15.

CHRIS TYE: That's the frustration level for Round Lake Beach resident Marc Courtney. He and his wife, both diabetics over 65, fall squarely in group 1B. For them, online registration for vaccine round one stops cold because round two shots aren't shored up yet.

MARC COURTNEY: You see that there's an appointment ready. You say I'll accept that appointment. And the response is, we can't give you that appointment because we can't give you a second dose appointment. End of story. You're done.

CHRIS TYE: So how is it, residents feeling done and the governor claiming number one?

JB PRITZKER: We are number one among the top 10 largest states in the country in terms of first vaccinations.

CHRIS TYE: Actually, today California eclipsed us among big states. Among all states, Illinois ranked 19th in the country in first shots for residents per 100,000. But when it comes to getting that second shot, Illinois ranks 50th out of 50 per 100,000. Today, 4,474 Illinoisans per 100,000 have both shots. The governor says there's a reason.

JB PRITZKER: We remained in phase 1A longer than other states, for a week longer.

CHRIS TYE: He says that does obviously delay the 1B group. And most of those vaccinated early in the 1B group are just now having that second shot come due. It's creating a logjam for those in the delayed 1B group.

MARC COURTNEY: It essentially makes us housebound.

CHRIS TYE: Housebound and eager for the day where they are bound for a shot at vaccination.

MARC COURTNEY: Making everybody run around like chickens with no head.

CHRIS TYE: So, to reiterate, why is Illinois at the bottom of the list? The governor says when you start the 1B group later than most states, we're going to see a number of the second shots far lower than other states. He says the ramp up and the catch up will happen quickly. Live in the streetside studio, Chris Tye, CBS 2 News.