Some Illinois Residents Cross State Line To Wisconsin For COVID Vaccine

No one is supposed to cross the state line for a COVID-19 vaccine shot. But Kenosha County would not turn people away.

Video Transcript

- There was a big rush to Wisconsin after this picture was posted online today, showing no lines at a Kenosha vaccination site. Hours later, we saw long lines and a lot of Illinois plates in the parking lot. No one is supposed to cross the state line for a shot, but Kenosha County wouldn't turn them away. We met a man from Wilmette who said he had no other choice.

LOU HABOUSH: And I went to the link, and I got on, and it was super easy, unlike Illinois. [CHUCKLE] I couldn't have gotten it, anyway, in Illinois. I just couldn't get a slot. Walgreens, CVS, the Illinois Cook County site, and I just couldn't get on.

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