Illinois State Lawmaker Targeted

A state lawmaker recalls the terrifying moments a gunman pulled up to his vehicle. The suspect was later arrested.

Video Transcript

- Only on 2, terrifying moments for a state senator in Springfield on Monday. Elgie Sims says he was in a car which has legislative plates when a man in another car started honking and pulled up next to him.

ELGIE SIMS: Guy pulls a gun out. He pulls a gun out, and he says, you know, let's go. And I said, what do you want? What? So then he starts pointing the gun at me. And so I pull off. And I drive away. After January 6, I think there is this heightened concern for these attacks on elected officials.

- The gunman was arrested. Senator Sims has security at homes in Springfield and Chicago. There is also more security around our state's Capitol.