Some Illinois Unemployment Recipients Still Haven't Received 1099-G Tax Forms

CBS 2’s Tara Molina looks into complaints where people say the State of Illinois still has not sent out the paperwork they desperately need to file their taxes.

Video Transcript

- It is tax time, and for many there's never been a more confusing and concerning one. Tonight our Tara Mollina, working for Chicago and looks into complaints where people say the State still hasn't sent out paperwork they desperately need to file.

TARA MOLINA: Kathleen Hughes works in tax preparation. She knows exactly what to do when it comes to last year's unemployment claim and filing her taxes. The problem is she's waiting on the State and we found she's not the only one. Kathleen Hughes checks for it every day, the one thing she needs to finish her taxes.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: I'm 67 years old. I haven't missed a tax date yet.

TARA MOLINA: She's been waiting on her 1099g form from IDES for weeks now so she can claim the few months of unemployment benefits she received last year.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: I just want to get it over with, get it taken care of, and that's all I'm waiting for.

TARA MOLINA: She says mail delays haven't been an issue here in [INAUDIBLE], but she's tried downloading the form electronically too, just in case.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: I couldn't get nothing.

TARA MOLINA: We know she's not the only one. A state Senator just asked the Director of IDES about that issue in the Senate hearing on unemployment issues last week.

RACHELLE CROWE: We have received many calls about validation errors and the inability to actually download those. So if you could please let me know if you're looking into that.

TARA MOLINA: IDES didn't give a clear answer then. The irony here now? Kathleen works in tax prep. She's been waiting on a callback from IDES to address her missing form. And all she can tell others when she's working on their taxes, is to play the exact same waiting game

KATHLEEN HUGHES: I mean, there's other people in my office that don't have theirs. Their family members that don't have theirs. And they don't know what to do, none of us do. It's all in the government's hand, and they don't seem to be hearing us.

TARA MOLINA: So we took her story, and more than a dozen others like it, to the state asking about the delay and long waits on calls for help on a time-sensitive tax document. The spokesperson for IDES told us there is no delay and didn't acknowledge issues people are having downloading the form, only that those experiencing technical issues accessing their electronic forms should contact IDES. Kathleen has done that. So until she gets the call she requested weeks ago, an answer, she has no choice but to keep waiting.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: I don't want to file without it because then I know next year I have to pay for amends. No mail yet, dear.

TARA MOLINA: For CBS 2, working for Chicago, I'm Tara Molina.