Illinois woman finds husband’s body in home eight months after he went missing

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An Illinois woman found her husband's body in their home eight months after he had gone missing.

According to a report, an autopsy released last week explains what happened to a Troy, Illinois, man who was found deceased in his home months after being reported missing.

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Richard Maedge had last been seen on April 27th, 2022, when his wife Jennifer spoke with him over the phone and he said he was leaving work early. But when Jennifer arrived at their home, Richard was gone and his car was parked outside. She reported him missing to the Troy police, who initially searched the residence but found no trace of him.

The search for Maedge's body had been hindered by the fact that his home was described by police as a "hoarder home."

With items stacked up throughout the residence, there were limited places to look and it became difficult to identify any suspicious odors present in the house.

After several months of searching it was finally uncovered that there was indeed an unpleasant sewer-like smell emanating from within the house - which ultimately led them to discover Maedge's body.

It wasn't until December 2022 that his body was finally discovered inside the home. An autopsy report later revealed that Maedge had taken his own life.

This article originally appeared on State Journal-Register: Autopsy explains what happened to Troy, Illinois man Richard Maedge